World Health Day 2016

The theme in this year: Diabetes

On Thursday the 7th of April 2016 was World Health Day. In this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) chose Diabetes as the main focus.

Düsseldorf - World Health Day has been running since the year 1954, it was brought to life by World Health Organisation (WHO). The World Health Day is an event that remembers the founding of the World Health Organisation in the year 1948. In addition the campaign day informs the world every year about a current and important health problem/disease.

 In 2016 the World Health Day will focus on the diabetes as a theme. According to the WHO, around 300,000 people in Germany alone are diagnosed with diabetes each year. Another problem that occurs: The number of people who are actually suffering from diabetes is most likely much higher, as many people are unaware that they have diabetes. According to the newest information provided by the World Health Organisation around 420 million worldwide suffer from diabetes. That is around four times as much as in the year 1980. In that year only around 108 million were diagnosed with diabetes.

 The illness diabetes affects the sugar metabolism. In the beginning it can lead to patients experiencing fatigue, dizzy spells or problems with their eye sight. In some rare cases it can even lead to a so-called "hyperosmolar coma". This can occur when the kidneys withdraw too much water when the blood sugar levels are high so that sugar is transported from the body. The loss of fluids then cause unconsciousness or even death.

 As the earlier symptoms of diabetes are very difficult to distinguish from other illnesses and diseases and are very difficult to exactly pinpoint them as symptoms of being diagnosed with diabetes, it can take years in some cases until diabetes is confirmed.



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