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“The First Man“ the biographical drama

Ryan Gosling starrs as Neil Armostrong

The film version of astronaut and moon-walker Neil Armstrong´s biography leaves audiences stunned with a combination of good story telling and visuals.

Düsseldorf - At the beginning of the 1960s Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) works as test-pilot for jets and rocket planes. However, when his daughter Karen dies at the age of two due to a brain tumor Armstrong falls into a depression and piles himself with work. He applys for a moon program at the NASA. He even moves the family home to Houston and then starts his training.

What makes the movie so special is that Chazelle does not tell the story of Neil Armstrong, the national hero that he later became, but the story of a broken man after the death of his daughter who loses everything, beside his dream to go to the moon out of, out of sight.

On top of that the movie is just beatiful to look at. The depths of space, the sight of earth from far away and of Armstrong´s first steps on the moon of course.

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