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Thomas Jarzombek remains head of CDU Düsseldorf

113. District CDU party conference in Dusseldorf

On Monday the 22 of June 2015, the 113th Congress of the CDU circle Düsseldorf took place in Dusseldorf.

Düsseldorf - The new/old Thomas Jarzombek chaiman of the CDU Düsseldorf was re-elected. Furthermore, many internal party elections were also occured. Thomas Jarzombek won the vote with 259 of 335 votes against the other candidate Heidrun Leinenbach. Leinenbach received 112 votes from 23 assessors. Jarzombeks new representatives are Angela Erwin and Peter Blumenrath. Blumenrath received 256 votes and Angela Erwin was elected with 257 votes into the district presidency. The former deputy Peter Preuss and Sylvia Pantel had previously resigned from her candidacy.

Dr. Jens Petersens succesfully remains bursar as he received 235 votes. In addition to the elections of the board of the county party, the delegates for the district and state convention were elected. Thomas Jarzombek, Angela Erwin, Rüdiger Gutt, Klaus-Heiner Lehne, Friedrich G. Conzen, Andreas Hartnigk, Sylvia Pantel, Olaf Lehne, Peter Preuss Heidrun Leinenbach, Annelies Böcker and Bettina Wiedbrauk will run for the CDU Düsseldorf.

For the federal party convent, the CDU Düsseldorf will send these following people, the chairman Sylvia Pantel, Klaus-Heiner Lehne and Rüdiger Gutt.

Overall, the atmosphere at the 113th congress of the CDU Düsseldorf was anything but pleasant. Between the chaiman Thomas Jarzombek and his deputy Sylvia Pantel began a dispute in the middle of the congress. Previously Jarzombek acussed Pantel that she passed factional information to the press. Even Peter Preuss critized Jarzombek at the congress. 

Now the circle chair of the CDU Dusseldorf is elected. Thomas Jarzombek remains chairman and his new deputies are Angela Erwin and Peter Blumenrath.

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Thomas Jarzombek remains head of CDU Düsseldorf

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