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The puppet-mystery has been solved

Düsseldorf family placed the dolls

For a long time it was a huge mystery with the puppets all aroud Düsseldorf was a big secret. Art, Horror or an entirely different message? The solution was found!

Düsseldorf - The intention from the Düsseldorf mother and her son were completly different. Elena Kozakiewicz (45) is the owner of the dolls who cared in Dusseldorf. She wanted to throw the "boy dolls" and "girl dolls " actually in the garbage, but her son Ciprian did not want that. He thought that to the trow the dolls away would be to harsh, so he recommended to his mother to just leave the dolls in front of the front door.

The Kozakiewics were astonished about the huge hype about the dolls on friday morning then. They were suddenly everywhere and all Düsseldorf wondered themselves what the story could be behind those dolls. The dolls were referred to be scary and not normal.

For five days the Düsseldorf citizens follwoed the happening aroud their dolls, and then they stoped it. Before that, most of the people claimed that the dolls were suppose to be a work of art.

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