Strengthening of the right caused by Merkel

Edmund Stoiber (CSU) demands nationwide response

The former Head of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Edmund Stoiber has said the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is responsible for the strengthening of the extreme right in the whole of Europe due to her refugee policy.

 Berlin - The former bavarian minister president told the newspaper "Welt" on Friday: "Germany's politics are important for the continuing development in Europe". "The current situation in Europe has led to the strengthening of right-wing parties in the EU."

Stoiber also added that it would be short-sighted just to focus on the AfD. One should also look and focus on the extreme right-wing coalition between Marine Le Pen's Front National (FN) in France, the dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders and others. The accusation that the CSU is strengthening the AfD with it's own politics was quickly dismissed by Stoiber. Such a statement "could not be more politically naive".  

The CSU politicians said: "We are nearly the only ones who dont just show indignation but try to discuss and debate with the AfD about several topics. That should be job of all parties". The AfD needs to be fought on an open stage and they should be told that they do not have any solutions and only "spread fears".

Stoiber also commented on the solution to the refugee crisis: "We need nationwide measures so that the european ones become more effective." He was stated as wanting quotas and transit zones at the border.

Stoiber also demanded a complete change in the refugee policy on tv (ZDF). "We will and have implement nationwide measures." The open border policy has caused everyone to see the refugee crisis as a mainly German problem. The CSU politician also added in the ZDF tv show "maybrit illner" that Merkel would not implement national measures for the refugee crisis because "otherwise others would have to make the decisions".

(xity, AFP)

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