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Scholar Qualifications for refugees

Riehl-Kolleg provides pre-course

Adult refugees now have the possibility to gain the german Fachabitur or Abitur qualifications at the Willhelm-Heinrich-Rhiel-Kolleg.

Düsseldorf - To gain the needed knowledge they can take part in a pre-course. Refugees above the age of 18 years that are interested should apply as soon as possible. Information for the application can be found under www.riehl-kolleg.de or under the phone number: 0211 9216824.

The pre-course starts on the first of february 2019. The main focus of the program is the extension of already existing knowledge of german. After the course has been finished successfully the course can be switched and the refugee can the join the regular course in order to obtain one of the qualifications.

The course has a runtime of two semesters and contains twelve weekly lessons per semester. The lessons take place on three mornings between 8-13:30.

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