Risk-free barbecue fun

A guide for carefree BBQ nights

The sun shines, the temperature rises: With the spring comes the barbecue season.

Munich - On average, a German citizen prepares meat, fish or vegetables on the grill 13 times per year. Barbecuing is however related to several risks. The Generali insurance company gives advice on what to pay attention to when barbecuing, so that everyone can enjoy their meals afterwards.

The beginning of the grill season often commences with the purchase of an appropriate grill. Regardless of whether the grill is charcoal, gas or electricity based, it is important that the grill possesses a safety seal, such as the standard DIN EN 1860 or GS sigil. Furthermore it is critical that only harmless and safety tested barbecue lighters or fuels are utilized.

Safety is also of prime importance during the preparation of meals. The barbecue grill should thus operate with a distance of at least two to three meters away from easily flammable materials, to prevent sparks or heat from spreading. It is worth to take a closer look at oneself too, as easily flammable clothing can become a safety hazard. Meanwhile the grill should be non-tilting and stable, while being placed in a slipstream and never left unattended. Children should also never be in the proximity of the grill, as they could easily knock it over while playing. Furthermore, it is advisable to be prepared for a possible event of fire and always have a bucket of sand close by. The fact that barbecuing in closed rooms is not permitted is a matter of course.

Even after the barbecue, safety should remain a priority. Unfortunately, garbage cans ignite frequently due to hot ashes being inserted. Hence, the following applies: Ashes, which are not fully cooled, should only be disposed of in containers where the residual cannot burn.

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