Police action against suspected internet criminals

175 house searches - Arrest in Rheinland-Pfalz

In a large-scale deployment of investigators and other police forces house searches and arrests were made against suspected internet criminals both domestically and abroad.

Berlin -  On Wednesday the 6th of April 2016, as the public prosection office and the police in Koblenz reported, a 22 year old student from Rheinland-Palatinate was arrested on the previous day. In addition a 175 houses and offices of a 170 suspected criminals in all 16 federal states were searched. There were also additional searches abroad - such as in the Netherlands, France and Canada.

 In total around 700 police officers were involved in the operation both domestically and abroad. After the first report according to the information obtained around 300 computers and data disks were confiscated. One of the suspected criminals was also in the possession of "several kilograms of narcotics as well as weapons". This suspect was therefore also taken into protective custody.

The operation was pitted "against hackers who operate worldwide as well as a number of internet criminals, who provide other internet criminals with so-called hackertools". The services provided by these hackers included a special type of software that disguised foreign harmful software so that the software would be invisible to anti-virus programmes.

 It was reported that "the harmful software could be used from spying on important data - especially passwords and bank details - to committing fraud offences and even blackmail". "The access to private and sensitive information of a large number of unsuspecting citizens would be easily available".




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