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New Year's Reception for Junior Chamber Düsseldorf

The event was in the Düsseldorf Business School

On the 27th of January, the Junior Chamber Düsseldorf (Wirtschaftsjunioren) welcomed around 85 young entrepreneurs, executives as well as representatives of politics and business in Düsseldorf to their traditional New Year's reception.

Düsseldorf - The guests were welcomed by the Chairman of the Junior Chamber Düsseldorf, Jan Niederkrone, as well as guest speakers Gregor Berghausen, managing director of IHK Düsseldorf, Dr. Jan Wilmanns, HSBC Germany group executive management and Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Börner, managing director of the Düsseldorf Business School. Topics that were discussed included Digitizing, the compatibility of family and career, the capital market and China. Apart from the interesting lectures the guests were also given the opportunity to discuss the actions and projects of the Junior Chamber.

Another highlight of the event was the auction that took place, this was done to raise money for the Ambulanter Kinder and Jugendhospizdienstes Düsseldorf (AKHD), who have been supported by the Junior Chamber Düsseldorf for several years. The artist Klaus Neelen presented his line of work "One animal every day" and gave one of his paintings to the auction for sale. The auction was able to raise 400 euros and together with a donation of a 1000 euros the AKHD were able to rejoice in having 1.400 Euros for their use.

The Junior Chamber Düsseldorf (Wirtschaftsjunioren - WJ) are part of the Junior Chamber Germany (Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland - WJD) and make up the largest association of entrepreneurs and executives under the age of 40 with over 10,000 members. Across the whole of Germany, the members of the Junior Chamber are responsible for more than a 120 billion Euros worth in sales and occupy 300,000 jobs and 35,000 apprenticeships. The national association Junior Chamber Germany has been a member of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) since 1958 and consists of over 100 members. 

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