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"Miss Curvy" - Casting

Selections for Germany's most beautiful curves

On Sunday, 2 August 2015 the pre-selections for "Miss Curvy" took place at the Fashionhotel Indigo in Düsseldorf. The 12 finalists will compete once more on 22 August 2015 for the title.

Düsseldorf - Of the 50 women who attended the casting to become Germany's "Miss Curvy", 12 were selected to take part in the final. While the hopeful title holders came to win, for many having a good time was the priority.

To begin with, the "Miss Curvy" contestants were guided through some catwalk training. After this was their chance to impress the jury with an introduction, newly acquired skills on the runway and perform their very own talents. The overall performance was rated by a jury comprising of cabaret artist and TV personality Käthe Köstlich, actor David Ortega Arenas, hotel manager Karolin Grun and organizer Melanie Hauptmanns.

One of the contestants, Laura from Düsseldorf, explains that she chose to take part in the casting because she liked the concept behind it. The "Miss Curvy" title brings self confidence and charisma to the forefront and proves that some feminine curves are never a bad thing.

The final selection for Germany's "Miss Curvy" will be held in Oberhausen on 22 August 2015. The 12 finalists will be showcasing the latest trends at the gala evening to an audience including celebrities such as Ingrid Arthur, Oliver Beerhenke and Bibi Kossmann.

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"Miss Curvy" - Casting

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