Merkel receives Palistinian president Abbas

Abbas to received in the Chancellory in Berlin

German chancellor Angela Merkel will receive Palistinian president Mahmud Abbas on Tuesday. The discussion that will take place in the Chancellory in Berlin will include talks about the Middle-East peace process which has stagnated in the last two years.

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will receive the Palistinian president Mahmud Abbas on Tuesday for talks in the German Chancellory in Berlin (Press conference at 17:00). The main focus of the discussions will be the bilateral relations, the situation in Palistinia and the development in the Palistinian territories and the Middle-East peace process. The peace process has come to a stand still  since the failed attempt at mediation by the US government in April 2014.

The situation in Palistinia is tense. The Palistinians have extensively criticised the forced building and expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied Westbank that has been ordered by the Israeli government. Abbas had recently demanded a UN resolution against the building of settlements. On the opposite side Israel have set the latest round of violence against the Palistinians as in the last couple of months Palistinian citizens repeatedly attacked Israeli citizens and security forces.

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