Media: NSA spied more on Merkel than was thought

New Wikileaks revelations prove surveillance claim

The US secret service NSA have supposedly monitored and spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) than what was previously thought before. Documents released by the platform Wikileaks show evidence of detailed discussions Merkel was having.

According to a media report the US secret service NSA have apparently spied more on German Chancellor Angela Merkel than what was previously thought before. This was reported by the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", NDR and WDR on Thursday as a request by the Wikileaks platform which is a responsible for uncovering government and media secrets. The revelations included very detailed segments of conversations held by Angela Merkel with European heads of states and the general secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon.

 The "SZ", NDR and WDR all reported that a NSA report contained details of a meeting between Merkel and the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy as well as the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in the year 2011. Merkel and Sarkozy had pressured Berlusconi to implement measures that would help reduce the state debt and also increase the strength of the banking sector. Apparently the NSA had obtained the information through Berlusconis foreign policy adviser Valentino Valentini.

According to the report the US secret service also monitored a discussion between Merkel and Ban Ki Moon. According to the NSA report on the discussion Ban Ki Moon told Merkel that the world still would like to see the EU continue it's leading role in fighting climate change. Other high ranking politicians and UN institutions were listed by the report as being monitored by the NSA.

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