Media: Majority of refugees come without passports

Pro Asylum hint at difficulties with applications

The majority of refugees that come to Germany do not possess valid identification papers or passports when they enter the country.

 Berlin - The "Berliner Morgenpost" (Wednesday edition) reported under the appeal of a speaker of the office of the Home secretary that in January 77% of refugees controlled by the federal police did not have valid passports or identifications papers. The reason as to why they do not have valid documents has not been commented on.

The human rights organisation "Pro Asyl" (Pro Asylum) have pointed out that refugees from many states who are members of opposition group cannot apply for valid documents because they then would be persecuted even more.

The representative director manager of "Pro Asyl" Bernd Mesovic told the Blatt that many refugees destroy their documents before their arrival in Germany because the documents can show the routes the refugees take through Europe. Through the Dublin regulation the German government can send the refugees back to the first EU country they entered.

(xity, AFP)

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