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Many seriously injured in chemical plant explosion

130 fire fighters called to the rescue in Krefeld

Around 2pm yesterday the explosion occurred, the causes of which are still unclear. According to the chemical plant, the explosion briefly emitted titanium dioxide and nitrogen fumes.

Krefeld - At a chemical plant in Krefeld a blast has led to many being seriously injured. A spokesperson for the Krefeld fire service spoke of at least four seriously injured people, while the chemical plant itself assures that only two are in a critical condition. Reports agree that a further eight people were lightly injured. By the late afternoon there were no persons missing - despite media reports speaking of multiple missing persons. Around 130 fire fighters were called to the scene of the accident.

The explosion occurred at 2pm and its causes are still unknown. The chemical plant reported that titanium dioxide and nitrogen was emitted during the explosion. Titanium dioxide is a white colour pigment that is used for many purposes including for tooth paste. According to reports the levels in the air were not increased following the explosion. The surrounding areas are not at risk. With the explosion one building is said to have collapsed.

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