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Labour market figures rising again in 2016

More and more people find a job in Germany

In December 2015, roughly 43.3 million persons resident in Germany were in employment according to provisional calculations of the Federal Statistical Office.

Wiesbaden - Compared with the same month a year earlier, the number of persons in employment increased by 441,000, or 1.0%, in December. Roughly 1.9 million people were unemployed in December 2015, 6,000 fewer than a year earlier. 

According to provisional results of the employment accounts, the number of persons in employment fell by 173,000, or 0.4%, on November for seasonal reasons. The decrease on November was slightly smaller than the relevant average of the past five years (-182,000 people). After seasonal adjustment, that is, after the elimination of the usual seasonal fluctuations, the number of persons in employment increased by 43,000, or 0.1%, in December 2015 month on month. 

Results of the labour force survey show that there were 1.91 million unemployed in December 2015. Compared with November 2015, their number decreased by 33,000, or 1.5%. Also when adjusted for seasonal and irregular effects, the number of unemployed stood at 1.91 million. The adjusted unemployment rate was 4.5% again.

Detailed data and long time series are available from the GENESIS-Online database. The data on persons in employment from employment accounts are available in tables 13321-0001 (months), 13321-0002 (quarters) and81000-0011 (years). Data on persons in employment and unemployed persons from the labour force survey can be found in tables 13231-0001 (months).

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