Karlsruhe handles nuclear power phase-out concerns

Energy companies take concerns to court

The energy suppliers Eon, RWE and Vattenfall have seen that the federal German government's plan for a complete nuclear power phase-out does not have any expropriation with compensation and as result have taken their complaints to a court in Karlsruhe.

Over the next two days the federal constitutional court will be debating the legality of the nuclear power phase-out issued by the German government five years ago. The federal government decided to take this step after the reactor failure and the resulting nuclear disaster in the Japanese town of Fukushima and as result made them shut down several nuclear power plants immediately.

The energy suppliers Eon, RWE and Vattenfall are suing as they see a expropriation without compensation. The fourth largest energy company in Germany, EnBW have decided not to take their complaints and concerns to court. The court will take months to come to a decision.

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