International Guitar Matinees 2016

Well known musicians are guests in Düsseldorf

The "International Guitar Matinees Düsseldorf" will take place for the 8th time this year. Visitors can expect great concerts from the 6th of March until the 2nd of October, prominent musicians such as Amir John Haddad and Pablo Marquez will be present.

Düsseldorf -  The "International Guitar Matinees Düsseldorf (IGMD) can be traced back to the musician Christian Kiefer, head of the guitar matinees. His idea was to establish a series of guitar concerts in Düsseldorf. The guitar matinees celebrated their premiere in 2009 with six concerts and were supported by the Tonhalle Düsseldorf and the cultural office of Düsseldorf. Musician Aniello Desiderio made the start on the 1st of March 2009 and the concerts take place since then six times in a year always on Sunday at 11 o'clock in the Palais Wittgenstein on the Bilker Straße 7-9. The event site has proven to be a great advantage not just because of it's unique atmosphere but also because of it's extraordinary acoustics which have proven to be particularly good for performing with guitars. The "International Guitar Matinees Düsseldorf" fits perfectly to the Palais Wittgenstein and vice versa. Marianne Schirge, Head of the Cultural Office explained: "I am very grateful towards Herr Kiefer for establishing  events of such high musical quality in the state capital with these series of concerts.

Until now 42 concerts have taken place in the time period of the International Guitar Matinees. The series of concerts have since gained a lot of popularity and the number of visitors has increased as well as the number of applications by musicians. On average a 150 visitors came to visit for each concert last year. The musicians and artists come from all over Europe, Canada, Korea and Belarus to perform at the matinees in the state capital. The series of concerts does not just provide a variety of different nationalities on stage but also a completely varied programme of different music styles such as classic, flamengo, jazz and tango but also folklore, rock and country.

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