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How to save energy nowadays

Save up to 600 euros in your household

In average, each household pays monthly 161 euros for heating, water and electricity. In one year the energy cost would be more than 1,900 euros.

Düsseldorf - The following five tips for renters could reduce the consumption and can save annually 600 euros. The fastest way to reduce the energy compution and to save costs is to save electricity. The following three tips can simply show consumers how they can save energy in a short amount of time

1.Turn off stand-by

A simple and effective trick is not turn off all the devices at home during non-usage. An easy way is to use a power strip with an integrated switch. With that device and the trick you can save up to 90 euros per day. 

2. Wash at 30 degrees and without pre-wash

Whenever it's possible, wash at 30 degrees instead of 60 degrees. Modern detergents even clean at low temperatures. Pre-Washing is also unnecessary. That saves yearly 45 euros.

3. While cooking use a lid and a kettle

You can save up to 50 euros per year if the water is heated in a kettle rather than on a boiling space. When your cooking place the lid on the pot in order to reduce the temperature and to save time.

Three Tips to reduce heating costs

Around 80 percent of the total energy consumption in the German households comes from the heater and warm water. If you want to save energy effectlively, you should pay particularly attenttion to the heater. The following two tips will help reduce your heating bills quickly and easily.

1. Choose the right room temperature and Ventilate correctly 

When you ventilate the room, the windows should not be tilted, that cools down the rooms. And do that two to three times a day. The room temperature should be between 20 and 22 degree. Ech degree less saves about six percent of heating energy. That can save 150 euros per year.

2. Keep blinds, curtains and blinds closed at night

Keep blinds and blinds closed to ensure that no heat enters in the cold nights. Keep the cold air outside and the heat inside the house. With that tactic you can save up to 40 euros per year.

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