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Handbags and jewelry worth 100,000 euros

34-year-old caught at the Düsseldorf airport

The Düsseldorf airport custom ensured handbags and jewelry worth nearly 100,000 euros from a 34-year-old traveler.

Düsseldorf - The accused was accompanied by her boyfriend on June 24th from Switzerland. As custon officers asked them to check the luggage, she wanted to leave the customs area through the green channel for registration-free goods. 

The custom questioned the woman and her 36-year-old boyfriend if they bought any goods in Switzerland. Their answer was no. During the inspection of the custom, they found in her expensive handbag a jewel which the travelers claimed that thez bought the jewel for 10,000 euros in Berlin. Then, however, the custom officer found a receipt which showed that they bought the jewel in Switzerland for 18 000 euros. For the custom the case became very suspicious, so they examined the handbag even more and found metal parts convered with foil. 

The custom also found in a suitcase trolley even more luxury accessories and other receipts, who identified all the goods as new and original. After that the woman explained that she bought all the goods in Switzerland. Her parents actually wanted to take the goods on holiday to China. The couple therefore took everything with and wanted to take the goods afterwards to China. 

The tax collector opened a criminal case against the couple for attempted tax evasion. The tax loss amount from all the goods is around 21 000 euros. The goods were also guaranteed until the completion of the process.

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