Germans dream of health, money and family

Survey of the biggest wishes of the Germans

Most Germans have classic wishes: If they would have three wishes, they would choose financial security, health and happiness for their family according to a survey.

Düsseldorf - This emerges from a survey from "Spiegel Online". More than half of the respondents (56 percent) wished for health.

With 38,8 percent, Finance was the second most wish of the Germans, followed by family happiness with 30,8 percent. Another strong wish from the Germans was property with 30,4 percent. Clothing and accessories was with 0,5 percent the last wish.

From the respondents nearly 38 percents that wished health thought about their own well-being. Only one out of ten wished health for their family and themselves. 7,2 percent of the respondents wished of winning the lottery and 3,9 percent wished for wealth. If they could wish for any object, they would buy a car with 22,9 percent and after that a house with 19,5 percent. On the question of what the people would do if they could wish for anything on a day off, the Germans answered with relaxing at home with 32,4 percent and to spend some time with the family (26 percent). For the survey 2000 people were asked.

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