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Germans create less waste

Waste production has reduced by 3 kg per capita

In 2013, the total amount of household waste has slightly decreased in contrast to the previous year.

Wiesbaden - According to preliminary data from the national office of statistics (Destatis) 36.6 million tonnes of waste were collected from households. This meant an average of 453 kg per resident. In 2012, 36.7 million tonnes were collected from households or 456 kg per resident.

13.1 million tonnes or 36% of household waste collected was common trash in the year 2013. This was on average of 162 kg per person and therefore 2kg less than in the previous year. The decreasing trend also continued throughout 2013. However, the amount of bulk rubbish collected remained the same between 2012 and 2013, accounting for 2.3 million tonnes or 29 kg per person.

More than half of the total waste was separately collected from common and bulk rubbish, about 58%. This amounted to 21.2 million tonnes, from which 12 million were recyclables, 9.1 million organic waste, and 0.2 million other, for instance batteries or paint. The highest share of recyclables was scrap paper, with 5.8 million tonnes or 72 kg per person. That was followed by mixed packaging (2.6 million tonnes or 32 kg per person) and waste glass (1.9 million tonnes or 24 kg per person).

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