France's foreign minister praises refugee policy

Merkel is both "morally and politically correct"

The French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has heaped praise on German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) for her policy on the refugee crisis.

 Berlin - On Thursday the 10th of March Ayrault told the tv channel iTÉLÉ: "Merkel is morally and politically correct" if she insists we should not restrict the right for asylum. France also must take in refugees and this needs to be communicated with the population of France.

 According to Ayrault, the situation in Germany is fundamentally different to the situation in France. The former governent head also said that he federal republic needs more workers and also has a greater "intake capacity". Prime minister Manuel Valls had recently stood against introducing new intake requirements. However he reassured that they would still take in 30,000 of a 160,000 refugees as required, as these refugees are to spread around the EU.

(xity, AFP)

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