Düsseldorf fishmarket starts into the new season

April will be a culinary month

On Sunday the 3rd of April 2016 the riverside next to the Tonhalle will once again for the first time this year become the culinary highlight of Düsseldorf.

 Düsseldorf - In the year 2016 the Düsseldorf fishmarket will start into its 17th season. From April 2016 the Rhein riverside next to the Tonhalle will transform itself once again in a place of buying, eating and enjoyment. On eight Sundays in the year 2016 fishmongers from all parts of Germany will present their culinary delicacies to awaiting customers.

This is a most unique event in Düsseldorf and excites visitors with its great atmosphere and the great view on the Rhein. The 90 dealers present at the fishmarket range from those who sell fish and seafood or various other delicacies as well as those who sell flowers and even art craftwork. In 2016, the market will once again attract around 30,000 visitors who will not only enjoy the countless offers made by the stalls but will also be entertained by live music.

Dates in the year 2016:

3rd of April 2016

1st of May 2016

5th of June 2016

3rd of July 2016

14th of August 2016

11th of September 2016

2nd of October 2016

6th of November 2016

The event always take place on the given Sunday from 11:00 til 18:00.


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