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Düsseldorf continues with a balanced budget

The budget for the year 2016 has been discussed

The council of Düsseldorf adopts that the budget and the debt freedom will remain in the next year.

Düsseldorf - The council of the state capital Düsseldorf had its meeting on the 10th of December for the budget for the year 2016. The budget of the City has been compensated for the 17th time in a row. The budget 2016 has a total volume of around 2.7 billion euros with an additional Total investment of 291 million euros. Cuts in the social sector do not exist. The record-level reaches the Children, youth and family support with EUR 448 million, around 28 Million euros more than in 2015. One focus is also in the new year the families. The aim is a medium-term supply of percent 60.

Other major expenses are the blocks Landscape Assessment with 199 million, the trade tax with 139 million, the benefits for accommodation and heating (Hartz IV) with 174 million and operation of child care centers with 254 million euros.

The investment volume is approximately EUR 291 million in 2016, for the Wehrhahn Line 58 million euros are provided. The main income of the budget in 2016 will be the business tax with estimated 903 million euros, the share of the community Income tax with 334 million euros and the property tax A and B with 143 million euros.

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