"Dreck-weg" week 2016 has started

The snow has hindered the helpers

On the 12th of March 2016 "Dreck-Weg-Tag" ('Rubbish-away-day') will start again. This has developed itself into a "Dreck-weg-week" in the last couple of years due to the enthusiasm and engagement shown by schools and day care centres.

Düsseldorf -  Cleanliness in the city concerns everyone. As a result the 5th and 6th year students of the Wilhelm-Ferdinand-Schüssler school will be involved in the start of the "Dreck-weg" week 2016.

The beginning of the "Dreck-weg" week has attracted around 6000 participants according to the registration list. This shows that more and more people are enjoying this event and joining in and therefore proves the upwards trend of the last couple of years. However, the number of participants compared to the population of Düsseldorf shows that only a fraction of the population are taking part.

For those who think that something should be done for their part of the city you still have until the 9th of March to register for the "Dreck-weg" day 2016. To register you can visit the website www.pro-duesseldorf.de or you can use the telephone hotline number 0211600684184. You will also be given tips when you register yourself, so that you find out where it will make the most sense to help with the event.

Cleaning as a community can also be done at the Theodor-Heuss bridge and around the Schützenplatz in Garath.

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