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Discover. Develop. Network. Present.

A glimpse into ARTIG's Culturlabor

To begin the new project year 2015/16 the ARTIG Zentrale guides 70 young creatives on the path from ideas to creation.

Düsseldorf's young creatives discover, develop, network and show - this is the concept behind the ARTIG Zentrale, a project for cultural development. Thanks to the support from the City of Düsseldorf and Vodafone Germany, the programme is able to encourage young people to recognise that their creative contributions are valuable to society now and in the future.

The ARTIG Zentrale helps guide hopeful young artists towards their professional future. What sets this project apart from others is its inclusiveness - it welcomes people of all abilities and experience. As well as this the target group, students and young apprentices, are taken into account as all of their offers are free.

Beginning with Culturlabor

The Culturlabor opens ARTIG Zentrale's new project year. 70 young creatives between the ages of 17 and 24 signed up for the creative workshop from the 3rd to the 6th of August at Zakk Düsseldorf. "The Culturlabor marks the beginning of our forthcoming creative cooperation", explains Agnes Jaraczewski, one third of the project coordinator team. "Throughout these four days participants have the chance to develop their art and ideas in workshops, small groups and open spaces." This year's ARTIG Culturlabor offers 35 workshops in total, including visual art, design, photography, installations, film, literature, dance, choreography and theatre, all of which are led by experts in their respective fields.

Exchange and professionalising

"I think it's great to meet other young people who are equally fascinated by art and creativity", 24 year old Lili Grieshaber explains. "I want to develop my creativity and try new things." This exchange of ideas is what encourages most people to take part in the workshop. "Many people utilise this opportunity to orientate themselves", says ARTIG project coordinator Jennifer Köhler. "What artistic talents lie within me? Do I really want to study something artistic? How do I realise my ideas or even professionalise them? Our aim is to try and find answers to questions like these."

To follow on from the Culturlabor, ARTIG workshops will continue on a monthly basis. Participants have the chance to continue to develop their ideas and skills. "We motivate people to stay focused", Dennis Palmen, part of the project coordinating team, explains. "Perseverence is key at ARTIG, even when school, university or a part time job seem to take up a lot of time." This is precisely what the young participants were looking for: "I want to let my creativity blossom again and finally get out of my comfort zone", says Malin Biermann (17). "I am a passionate photographer and have my own photo blog", explains Loredana Di Filippo, another participant. "Lately I've been finding that I'm reaching my limits. As I would like to work as a photo journalist when I'm older, the ARTIG Zentrale seems to offer me the best opportunity to reacht this."


Between September and January the ARTIG team and further experts will be offering a variety of programmes. The emphasis will be on networking. "The participants should have the opportunity to make meaningful contacts in their desired artistic area", explains Jennifer Köhler. The ARTIG Zentrale organises visits to relevant institutions or provides useful contacts. "At this point our participants receive fresh impulses from outside sources, which is important for their own development or project ideas", says Agnes Jaraczewski.

The highlight of the ARTIG calendar

The public final presentation marks the climax as well as the end of the ARTIG project year. "We value the fact that our participants can present their results in a professional atmosphere very highly", emphasises Dennis Palmen. The main stage for the ARTIG Zentrale in 2016 is the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, where the work and ideas will be open to the public from the 26th to 28th of February. "Further locations are planned such as the gallery, THE BOX", reveals Dennis Palmen. Following the final presentation participants will engage in a reflection with the ARTIG team. "An intensive and constructive discussion with the experience is very important to us", he explains.


ARTIG Culturlabor information:

  • 3rd to 6th August 2015 at Zakk Düsseldorf
  • 35 workshops led by 19 professional artists
  • 70 participants between the ages of 17 and 24
  • After the Culturlabor furthering the ideas and projects through monthly ARTIG workshops and individual coaching
  • Presentation from 26th to 28th February 2016 at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf and THE BOX amongst others
  • The ARTIG Zentrale for cultural development is a project of the Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland GmbH and the City of Düsseldorf


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