Denmark extends passport controls at German border

Government: Pressure on EU borders is high

Denmark will extend the passport controls set up in January across the Danish border with Germany up to the end of May.

Berlin -  The pressure on the outer borders of the EU is still very high and the rush of refugees into Europe can "increase significantly if the weather improves", this was said by the Home Secretary of Denmark Inger Stojberg on Friday. "It is necessary to extend border controls so that we can prevent large groups of refugees from gathering in Denmark".

At the beginning of January Denmark introduced sporadic border controls temporarily after Sweden made it a requirement to show identification at the border between Sweden and Denmark shortly before. The measure to introduce short passport controls has since then been extended. The renewed extension has been set to the 3rd of May.

In the last year Denmark became a transit point for many asylum seekers who wanted to continue their journey to Sweden. Denmark was also the recipient of more than 21,000 asylum claims. This was in comparison to the previous year a significant increase but in comparison to Sweden these figures are relatively low: The Scandinavian country received roughly 163,000 asylum application in the last year.

 (xity, AFP)

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