CSU general secretary asks for German "Muslim-law"

Scheuer pleads for German language in mosques

CSU general secretary Andreas Scheuer has demanded that Germany should have a "Muslim-law" introduced to aid with integration and better understanding.

Munich - Scheuer told the daily newspaper "Die Welt" on Wednesday: "We must analyse and discuss political Islam more and more critically because if we don't confront political Islam it will prevent and hamper integration". For this we need a so-called "Muslim-law".

 Scheuer demanded "The financing of mosques and islamic kindergartens from foreign investors, such as from Turkey or Saudi-Arabia has to be stopped." All Imams in Germany must have been educated in Germany and must share German ideals. It should not happen "that others bring their extreme values and beliefs from foreign countries to Germany".

The CSU general secretary also demanded that German must become the spoken language in all mosques across Germany. Scheuer said: "Enlightened Europe must cultivate it's own type of Islam". "We are still at the beginning of our efforts to achieve this." We should not close our eyes to "what is being preached in mosques and we should not ignore who is spreading these ideas".


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