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Criminals spy on elderly people

Police warns about the tricks from thieves

The criminals trick is to try to pressure the person on the other side of the telephone in order to receive the information if the person can be robbed easily and if the person obtains valuable items.

Düsseldorf - On Thursday afternoon, a stranger called an elderly person who lived in Düsseldorf, ''Kaiserswerth'' and pretended to be a police officer and reported about robberies that happend lately in the neighbourhood of the elderl person. The stranger also wanted to know how the senior apartment is secured and if she has any valuables and where she keeps those.

The senior gave no information out, hung up and directly called the police. Three other senior citizens reported on that day the same call to the police.

The police warns everyone of the criminals and gives those following tips:

Never give out your contact details!

Inform the police directly about the call.

If possible, change your telephone entries.  Also, only let your last name and the initials of your first name be registered in the telephone book. Renounce from an entry of your home address.

Inform and warn the oldest relatives and neighbours of the tricks of the criminals!

The employees of the criminal police advisory board will be happy to answer any questions about the subject of tricks of the criminals. They can be reached with the telephone number 0211-870-6868.

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