"Bild": 500,000 unregistered refugees in Germany

Newspaper quotes information from the Home Office

According to the latest reports, up to 500,000 refugees are currently residing in Germany without having been registered when they entered the country.

Berlin - The federal home office believes this to be the truth according to a report made by the "Bild" newspaper (Tuesday edition). The newspaper "Ministeriumskreise" said: "Many migrants do not register themselves with the authorities because of the fear that they will refused entry into the country and sent back."

 The head of federal office for migration and refugees (Bamf) Frank-Jürgen Weise said in mid March that the German authorities would establish a detailed overview through the course of the year of who resides in Germany as a refugee. The number of people that have come to Germany as refugees and stayed as well over the last three year was estimated by Weise to be at around 1,2 million.

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