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Art, Cars & Music at the Classic Remise

AutoSL GmbH invited to a special event

On tuesday the 6th of november 2018, the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf was filled with beautiful sounds. The motors stayed off.

Düsseldorf - Hosts of the evening were the AutoSL GmbH and the competence center for oldtimers in Düsseldorf. "Classic Remise is a place for the nice things in life. It isn´t just about cars but also emotions. We have invited good musicians and artists out of different areas. We will enjoy the night together with our friends." explained Mika Hahn, Center manager of the Classic Remise Düsseldorf.

The Remise contains at least 300 Oldtimers and Classic Cars at all times. Since it is not a Museum the displayed cars can change on the daily. However at Art, Cars & Music there was a special highlight under the already huge collection of cars. Mika Hahn told us which one it was "The car right next to the stage is a very special one. It´s a Horch 855 Spezialroadster. Only seven of these cars were ever produced and only two remain today and one of them is right here with us today."

Aside from good looking cars the guests could enjoy italien food, good music and a good conversation.

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