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Annoucement: Maaßen now non-active

Highly discussed official is not in office anymore

Heiko Maaßen the now ex president of the protection of the Constituion in germany has been relieved of his duty by Frank-Walter-Steinmeier.

Berlin - From information supplied by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung“ Steinmeier has signed the papers that relieve Maaßen from his duty. This happened after Horst Seehofer (CSU) had announced the transfer of Maaßen on monday.

Seehofer had backed up Maaßen for a long time after he got into critcism for statements regarding right wing witch hunts in Chemnitz. The great coalition had then decided to move Maaßen into the position of secretary of state for the department of the interior. This was overthrown when Seehofer announced on monday that a “trustful collaboration“ with Maaßen was not possible anymore.

With this Seehofer reacted to a speech by Maaßen, Maaßen had said that the recall from his position was the fault of “radical left forces“ in the SPD. Furthermore he had sharply critisized the great coalition. Maaßen will now move into non-active status where he will get 71,75 percent of his current earnings and then a pension based on his years in office.

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