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"Altweiber" 2016 in Düsseldorf

"Jecken" celebrate wildly despite rain

On Thursday the 4th of February, the "Möhnen" stormed the city hall. Despite the rain it did not stop the "Jecken" from ushering in the "fifth season".

"Altweiber" 2016 in Düsseldorf

 Düsseldorf - There was a relaxed atmosphere on the streets and ties were being cut in the city hall without compunction. Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel was a popular victim for the "Möhnen" and their scissors and as a result he lost several ties. In an interview shortly after the storming of the city hall he admitted: "It has to be at least 8 or 9 ties by now and each one has been cut more than once."

Of course, the prince and princess could not miss the celebrations in the city hall. Hanno the first and his Venetia Sara will reach their pinnacle at this carnival, though their time will be very short in this "season". Venetia Sara said "I have waited excitedly for this day. The atmosphere in the city hall is very good and a lot of girls have gathered on the city hall square". Hanno thinks the start of the street carnival is "fantastic"."I can finally enjoy this occasion. My Venetia has gone nuts and I can watch in a relaxed fashion from a distance."

Thousands of "Jecken" and "Narren" celebrated on the streets of Düsseldorf and in the alleyways of the Altstadt. The street carnival is traditionally inducted on Altweiber. This exceptional time of celebration lasts until Rosenmontag (Monday the 8th of February), on the day where a huge parade full of floats and vehicles follow a route through the city. The Carnival "season" ends on Veilchendienstag (Tuesday the 9th of February).

Xity wishes all "Jecken" and "Narren in Düsseldorf despite the weather a happy couple of days full of celebration!

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