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Aircraft bomb is being defused on Saturday

2,400 people forced to leave their homes

With the constructions in Düsseldorf Pempelfort a British five-hundredweight-bomb has been found from the World War II.

Düsseldorf - The bomb is expected to be defused on Saturday 14th November at around 14 o'clock. The site is located near the St. Vincent Hospital and the Catherine-Laboure-Gerontological. Both houses must be evacuated before the defuse - this affects around 380 elderly and sick people. Altogether 2,400 people have to get evacuated. More 9,500 people are in the second danger within 500 meters. These people are now allowed to leave their homes.

About the danger phone via recorded message first information regarding the expiry of bomb disposal given immediately by calling 3889889. The precise timetable for defusing is currently being planned by the experts of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service and the municipal offices as well as, inter alia, the police. More detailed information will be announced by the city after the next meeting of the crisis team on Thursday afternoon, November 12.

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