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Active Cyber protection presents problems

FDP digital expert: government “has no clue"

With the rising chance of a Cyber-attack on governments all around the world, the German government is trying to establish active cyber protection.

Berlin - During this years summer, federal minister of interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) had declared that instead of just defending against cyber attacks, he wants to start going on the offensive. However, the planning of this so called offensive, presents the German government with huge problems.

“Due to a high amount of possibilities in the usage of Active Cyber Defense, plenty of international and constitutional-law questions need to be answered.“ said the German Government in an official statement.

One very difficult obstacle is the treatment of hackers from other countries, since these are often harder to find and do not underlie german jurisdiction. On top of this there is always the question whether the hacker is acting under the instruction of his government.

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