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Minimal wage in nursing care going up by 50 cents

Lower boundary for wage to be increased in January

The minimal wage for around 150,000 employees in nursing homes will be increased at the start of next year.

Berlin - On the 1. of January the minimal wage of all employees working in day care will be increased by 50 cents per hour. This means that the minimal wage in the west of Germany and Berlin will be 11.05 Euros and for the east 10.55 Euros per hour.

According to the employers association, this means that beginning in January even untrained employees in nursing care will earn around 1.86 Euros more than employees in other sectors. For skilled employees in elderly care the wages are “significantly higher“.

Politicians are hoping to increase the attractiveness of nursing care by increasing the minimal wage due to a “desperate search“ of employees in the care system. Rainer Brüderle president of the Bundesverband privater Anbieter sozialer Dienste (Federal Association of Private Providers of Scocial Services) stated in an interview that “While other jobs like banking are in danger of dying with Digitisation, a job in nursing care is a job that has a safe future.“

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