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Merkel “greatful“ for her time as party leader

She is “curious“ about the election on friday

With the election of a new party leader in the CDU coming up Angela Merkel has stated that she is “grateful“ for her time has party leader.

Berlin - Merkel is “curious“ to find out who her successor will be. “It is pure democracy if there is acctually a choice.“ At the CDU meeting on Friday, delegates will vote on a new party leader after Merkel had stepped down at the end of October.

Angela Merkel was party leader of the CDU for over 18 years. “That is a very, very long time and of course the CDU had ups and downs“, Merkel said in an Interview. “However, we were able to have the elections turn out in a way that we could decide on the chancellor four times in a row.“ She is greatful for that time and is looking forward to continue her job has chancellor of Germany.

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