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Mars mole designed to drill deep into Mars

Probe made in Germany, expected to land on monday

As part of the Nasa-Marsmission InSight the so called “Maulwurf“ (German for mole) is there to drill the biggest hole ever created by mankind on a heavenly body other than earth. The mole was invented in the German aerospace center.

Mars - Up to five meters deep is how far the Mole can dig. After drilling into the Mars the Mole will then record the temperature and thermal conductivity of the digging medium. The results are then to be used to develop a greater understanding of how earth like bodies develop over time.

The probe InSight is planned to land on monday at 20:53 german time. It should land in the are Elysium Planitia north of the Mars equator. InSight is a stationary geophysical observatory and is defenetly the first of its kind.

Main goal of the mission is to gather information about the inside of Mars and within the next years the development, structure and physical properties of the Planet´s crust, mantel and core will be looked into.

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