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Kramp-Karrenbauer wants more women in parliament

However she does not want it do be law

The CDU´s secretary general and candidate for the spot as party leader of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrbauer, wants more women in the german parliament. In an interview with the “Welt“ she stated that every party needs to tackle this problem on their own.

Berlin - With this statement Karrenbauer reacted to the drop of women in the parliament from 2016 to 2017, while in 2016 around 36.3 percent of parliamentarians were female the number dropped to 30.9 percent in 2017. “If we do not make an authentic offer towards women, both programatic and staff-wise we will not be voted by women.“

Vice president of the german parliament Thomas Oppermann (SPD) suggested a possible solve to the problem. He suggested a reform of current electorial laws to give voters a decision between both a male and a female candidate. Voters could then give one vote to a woman and another vote to a man. He stated this in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung“ on Thursday.

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