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8,2 Million addicted in Germany

Every sixth termination because of alcohol

The drug representative of the german government Marlene Mortler (CSU), has called for an undisguised view on Addiction related diseases in Germany.

Berlin - “Everyone in this country can and must help“ said Mortler on wednesday on the occasion of her anual meeting in Berlin. Around 400 participants talked about the impacts of addiction on society.

Mortler asked for Addiction to be accept as a disease. A delicate view on “everyone“ would be necessary. This includes all colleges, employers and even family members. They need to help all people affected either being the addicts themselves or relatives. She then remined that nearly 10 million people are affected by their relatives addictions.

A conference had also just recently brought up new numbers for the cost of smoking, which is now put at around 100 billion euros in just one year.

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