Sonntag, 1.02.2015

NRW day 2016 in Düsseldorf

The proudest city in Germany

On the 26th of January, 2015, the Düsseldorfer Mayor Thomas Geisel and the premier minister of NRW Hannelore Kraft announced that the North Rhine-Westphalia day 2016 will take place in Düsseldorf.
Man badly injured by knife stab (xity-Picture: M. Völker)

Dispute escalates in Lierenfeld

Man badly injured by knife stab

Freitag, 23.01.2015
An argument between father and son escalated on Wednesday afternoon in the office of a Kfz office at the Höherweg. The 24 year old son got hurt by a stab from the father with a knife. The son was directly hospitalized in a clinic.
The Kö-Bogen is on his way (xity-Picture: A. Obreiter)

Kö tunnel construction in progress

Traffic underground at the end of 2015

Dienstag, 20.01.2015
On the 20 January 2015, the mayor Thomas Geisel and the transport minister of Düsseldorf Stephan Keller got themselves an overview of the progress of the construction.
(Foto: xity)

Roberry in city center

Offenders fled with cash and jewelery

Dienstag, 20.01.2015
On monday afternoon a unknown man was able to rob a woman with a pocket knife. The unknown man was covered by a parked truck from the cameras.
Safety first (xity-Photo: D. Creutz)

Boot Düsseldorf 2015

Messe Düsseldorf is ready for water and sea

Freitag, 16.01.2015
From the 17th until the 25th of January 2015 water sports fans can come and enjoy themselves on the boot. More than 1.650 exhibitor out of 60 countries are inviting everyone to a journey of boots, yachts, maritime equipment and water services.
The DEG wants to say thank you to the fans (xity-Photo: H. Müller)

Fan campaign at the Straubing home game

The DEG wants a group red-yellow group picture

Donnerstag, 15.01.2015
The players of the DEG were so impressed of the winter game and the red-yellow wall of the fans that they want to thank the fans in a special way.
Dr. Hartmut Falter hands over a check of 12,000 euros to Dr. Ulrich Heide (xity-Photo: P.Basarir)

Charity Event with Hape Kerkeling

Donation to the Mayersche German AIDS Foundation

Donnerstag, 15.01.2015
On the 14 January 2015, the Mayersche bookstore handed over a check of 12,000 euros to the German AIDS Foundation
F.l Thomas Geisel, Garrelt Duin and Takeshi Nakane at the new year reception for the Japanese economy (xity-Photo: D. Creutz)

Reception for the Japanese economy in the year

Japan and Düsseldorf partnership

Dienstag, 13.01.2015
The new year's reception was a sign of friendship and economic cultures as exchanges with over 150 years tradition.
5500 people protest against Dügida (xity-Photo: P.Basarir)

Düsseldorf against Dügida

5500 people stand against exclusion

Dienstag, 13.01.2015
On Monday evening the 12th January 2015, a manifestation of the Islamophobic ''Dügida'',Düsseldorf against the Islamization of the occident. 350 protestors met 5500 Düsseldorf citizens.
12 year got struck by a car on the way her school (xity-Photo: M. Völker)

12-year old struck by car on the way to school

Police is searching for witnesses of the accident

Dienstag, 13.01.2015
On the way to the school a 12 year old Düsseldorfer student was struck by a car. The police is searching for testify of the accident
(f.l.) Both coaches of the clubs, Niklas Sundblad and Christof Kreutzer, are looking foward to the game. (xity-photo:A.Obreiter)

The derby of the year in Düsseldorf

DEL Winter Game 2015

Donnerstag, 08.01.2015
On the 10th of January 2015, the Düsseldorfer EG and the Kölner Haie will compete against eachother in the second outdoor game in the German ice hockey club history.
Every fourth citizen with a migration background (xity-Foto: D. Mundstock)

North Rhine-Westphalia - Migrant state

Every fourth citizen has an immigrant background

Donnerstag, 18.12.2014
In 2013, more than 4.3 million citizens of NRW had an immigrant background.
Germans create less waste. (xity-Foto: D. Postert)

Germans create less waste

Waste production has reduced by 3 kg per capita

Donnerstag, 18.12.2014
In 2013, the total amount of household waste has slightly decreased in contrast to the previous year.
The World of a musical genius - xity was invited to an exclusive interview with Helmut Zerlett. (xity-Foto: P. Basarir)

The World of a musical genius

xity met Helmut Zerlett for an exclusive interview

Donnerstag, 18.12.2014
A man that unifies them all - Helmut Zerlett is master of 4 professions: Keyboarder, composer, music producer and film composer.
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