Freitag, 27.11.2015
From 16 - 19 November, 130,000 specialist visitors from around 120 nations came to Düsseldorf MEDICA 2015 (Photo: xity)

The outcome of the MEDICA 2015 is...?

The number of visitors grew this year

From 16 - 19 November, 130,000 specialist visitors from around 120 nations came to Düsseldorf MEDICA 2015 (previous year: 128,500).
The head coach from Fortuna Düsseldorf will maybe leave th(Photo: xity)

Is Frank Kramer still going to coach Fortuna?

Kramer will might get fired today

Montag, 23.11.2015
Today on 23rd of November 2015, the rumor goes around that Fortuna Düsseldorf will fire their coach Frank Kramer officially today.
Düsseldorf has now 619,651 inhabitants (Photo: xity)

Düsseldorf has larger population than indicated

603 210 inhabitants in Jan 2015. 619 651 Dec 2015

Freitag, 20.11.2015
How can it be that Düsseldorf, according to the city, obtained 16.441 more from the 1st of January this year until now?
Fortuna Düsseldorf is playing tonight against the MSV Duisburg at home in the Esprit Arena (Photo: xity)

Fortuna Düsseldorf vs. MSV Duisburg

Fortuna is playing tonight at 18.30 against MSV

Freitag, 20.11.2015
This friday at 18.30 clock squad from Frank Kramer is playing against it's derby adversary MSV Duisburg from the other Rhine side.
More than 400 people gathered around the "Burgplatz" in Düsseldorf (Photo: xity)

Pray for Paris in Düsseldorf

400 people mourn for terror victims of Paris

Donnerstag, 19.11.2015
On the 18th of November 2015, hundred of people gathered around the Düsseldorf "Burgplatz" to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attacks of Paris.
The "Kitzbühler Stuben" in Lörick are a hotspot in Düsseldorf for Schnitzel (Photo: xity)

Food Wednesday - The Schnitzel

These are our favorite Schnitzel spots

Mittwoch, 18.11.2015
Are you once again looking for something tasty? Everything revolves around our perfect Schnitzel spots today in whole of Düsseldorf.
The MEDICA and COMPANED starts this week in Düsseldorf (Foto: xity)

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2015 in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf - the meeting point of health business

Montag, 16.11.2015
In this week, from 16 to 19 November 2015, Düsseldorf will again become the central meeting point of the international health business.
The police wants to show more presence after the attacks in Paris last weekend. (Photo: xity)

Paris attacks: More police presence in Germany

Observation will get intensified

Montag, 16.11.2015
After the attacks of Paris, the police said they will especially protect public spaces and stations.
Do not worry be happy today on friday the 13th (Photo: xity)

Do not worry about today

Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day

Freitag, 13.11.2015
Stay in bed, pulling the blanket over your head and hoping that everything will go well - Today is Friday the 13th - and which of course applies to many as the unlucky day. Don't worry
An aircraft bomb in Pempelfort has to be defused on Saturday (Photo: xity)

Aircraft bomb is being defused on Saturday

2,400 people forced to leave their homes

Donnerstag, 12.11.2015
With the constructions in Düsseldorf Pempelfort a British five-hundredweight-bomb has been found from the World War II.
The fifth session begins today (Photo: xity)

Düsseldorf shouts: helau, helau, helau

The fifth session begins today

Mittwoch, 11.11.2015
Helau in Düsseldorf to the carnival session 2015/16. The Düsseldorfer "Hoppeditz" was awakened tonight on the "Rathhausplatz" at 11:11.
This Friday is smoke alarm day (Photo: xity)

This Friday is smoke alarm day

Installation note is required

Dienstag, 10.11.2015
This coming Friday, November 13th, 2015, the nationwide smoke alarm day is taking place.
Fortuna Düsseldorf plays tonight against St. Pauli at home (Photo: xity)

Tonight Fortuna vs. St. Pauli

The match starts tonight at 20:15 in Düsseldorf

Montag, 09.11.2015
Fortuna Düsseldorf has to win against St. Pauli tonight (20.15 clock) in order to stop their crisis. It would be their second win in a row after the 1:0 win last week against Fürth.
Tomorrow the north-south tunnel in Düsseldorf opens (Photo: xity)

North-West tunnel will get locked

After commissioning of the north-south tunnel

Freitag, 06.11.2015
In preparation for the opening of the north-south tunnel the North West Tunnel needs to be blocked from Monday, November 9th, from 7 clock until Tuesday 10th November, 12 clock.
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