Montag, 31.08.2015
Violin maker Martin Schleske will visit the Maxhaus (Foto: Martin Schleske)

Concert reading with Martin Schleske

Violin maker visits the Maxhaus

On Friday, 4th September 2015 at 19.30 o'clock, the Maxhaus will welcome guests to a philosophical concert reading with the violin maker Martin Schleske.
The entire caravanning sector will be meeting in Düsseldorf from 29 August to 6 September 2015. (Photo: xity)

CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf 2015

Largest Trade Fair for Motor Homes and Caravans

Freitag, 28.08.2015
The entire caravanning sector will be meeting in Düsseldorf from 29 August to 6 September 2015. As the world's largest trade fair for motor homes and caravans the CARAVAN SALON offers a unique insight into the world of m
Steinstraße and Königsallee closed off due to Kö-Lauf (Foto: xity)

Steinstraße and Königsallee closed for the Kö-Lauf

Four bus routes will make a diversion

Freitag, 28.08.2015
Due to the Kö-Lauf the turn off from the Steinstraße onto the Königsallee will be closed off on Sunday, 6th September, from 5.00 to 20.00 o'clock.
Most Germans return from holiday feeling well rested (© 2015 AFP)

Most Germans feel well rested after their holiday

38 percent had difficulties switching off

Freitag, 28.08.2015
According to a poll, most Germans come back from holiday feeling well rested - however 38 percent had trouble switching off.
Tour "Experience the Rhine in a new way" at the SchifffahrtMuseum in Düsseldorf (Foto: xity)

"Experience the Rhine in a new way"

Tour through the SchifffahrtMuseum Düsseldorf

Freitag, 28.08.2015
The SchifffahrtMuseum (Shipping Museum) in the castle tower, Burgplatz 30, will open its doors for a tour on the topic "Experience the Rhine in a new way, from its depths to its modern perspectives" on Sunday, 30th August at 15.00 o'clock.
Good news for those starting their holidays now: traffic jams towards the south are much shorter(Foto: xity)

Traffic towards the south getting better

Late holiday makers will have it easier

Freitag, 28.08.2015
Good news for holiday makers who are only just about to go: the traffic jams towards the south are becoming significantly shorter.
Mathias Deppisch will continue to be the captain of TV Korschenbroich for this season (Foto: TVK)

Mathias Deppisch goes into his eleventh season

The captain will lead the TVK in its fourth year

Freitag, 28.08.2015
Mathias Deppisch will lead the TV Korschenbroich as captain again for the season 2015/2016. The right outside player has held this position since the season 2012/2013. Max Zimmermann was chosen as the vice-captain.
Motor cyclist badly injured in accident in Lierenfeld (Foto: xity)

Traffic accident when leaving parking space

Motor cyclist badly injured in Lierenfeld

Donnerstag, 27.08.2015
A motor cyclist was badly injured in an accident with a car in Lierenfeld and has been taken to the university hospital.
Every third father wants more time with their children (Foto: xity)

More time for the children

Every third father has this wish

Donnerstag, 27.08.2015
32 percent of fathers as well as 19 percent of mothers in Germany were of the opinion in 2012/2013, that they did not have enough time for their children.
Hitman: Agent 47 (Foto: Fox Deutschland)

Agent 47 doesn't hit all the marks

After the Fantastic 4 Hitman too experiences shipw

Donnerstag, 27.08.2015
This Thursday many new films will be hitting the screens of Germany's cinemas. Our three candidates for "film of the week" are listed below.
The new route is 1.9 kilometres long and will join the U79 line at the Freiligrathplatz (Foto: xity)

Information on the tram line U81

Details on the first building section

Donnerstag, 27.08.2015
The public is now being informed about developments of the building of the new tram line U81 in Düsseldorf-Stockum between Freiligrathplatz and the airport terminal.
Summer fest at the Goethe-Museum(Foto: xity)

Summer fest at the Goethe-Museum

Opening of the exhibition "Summertime"

Donnerstag, 27.08.2015
As part of the Goethe summer fest on Friday, 28th August, the special display "Summertime" will be opening with the works of two contemporary artists from Düsseldorf, who will spark discussion alongside the classical busts of the Weimaar hall.
The Caravan Salon welcomes visitors from this Saturday (Foto: xity)

Caravan Salon opens its doors on Saturday

Rhine city will become the capital for mobile home

Mittwoch, 26.08.2015
Routined caravaners and curious newbies have marked the date in their calendars months in advance. From the 29th of August 2015 to the 6th of September 2015 the world's largest exhibition for mobile homes and caravans will take place in Düsseldorf.
"Rail-Unimog" collides with railing in the Altstadt (Foto: xity)

Unusual accident in the Altstadt

"Rail-Unimog" collides with railing

Mittwoch, 26.08.2015
Yesterday evening an unusual traffic accident occurred in the Altstadt, though without heavy consequences. The driver of the rail Unimog collided with a railing for what are still unknown reasons.
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