Freitag, 29.05.2015
26-year-old throws her newborn baby out of the window (Picture: Xity)

26-year-old throws newborn baby out of the window

Trial in Duisburg began

A 26-year-old woman has confessed at the Regional Court Duisburg, to have thrown her newborn baby out of the window.
Roller thief arrested after short pursuit. (Picture: Xity)

Theft drove without a driving license

17-year-old arrested after short pursuit

Mittwoch, 27.05.2015
A motorcycle officer was able to pull over a scooter thief after a pursuit on Tuesday. The 17-year-old thief had previously disregarded the stop sign and tried to make a hasty retreat.
Smoking rate among young people under ten percent (picture: Xity)

Smoking rate among young people under ten percent

Tobacco "largest preventable health risk"

Dienstag, 26.05.2015
The smoking rate was in the past year for the fist time less than ten percent for children and adolescents.
Andreas "Lumpis" Lambertz shirt number will no longer be re-assigned. (Picture: Xity)

The number "17" will be held in honor

'Lumpis' back number will is no longer be assigned

Freitag, 22.05.2015
At the upcoming home game against FSV Frankfurt, the Fortuna player will wear the shirt number 17 for the last time.
The mystery of the "creepy doll" was solved in Düsseldorf. (Picture: Xity)

The puppet-mystery has been solved

Düsseldorf family placed the dolls

Donnerstag, 21.05.2015
For a long time it was a huge mystery with the puppets all aroud Düsseldorf was a big secret. Art, Horror or an entirely different message? The solution was found!
Fortuna Dusseldorf signed for the coming season a new assistant coach, Peter Hermann. (Foto: xity)

The new assistant coach of Fortuna, Peter Hermann

Two-year contract for the 63-year-old coach

Mittwoch, 20.05.2015
Peter Hermann will be the assisant coach in the season 2015/16 of Fortuna Dusseldorf. The 63-year-old will work closely with the new head coach Frank Kramer.
Mayor Thomas Geisel starts next week with his district discussions. (xity-Picture: H. Müller)

Thomas Geisel starts city district discussions

First discussion takes place on 20. May, in Eller

Montag, 18.05.2015
Mayor Thomas Geisel will start next week with his district discussions. The first OB discussion will be on the 20. May, at 19.30 o'clock, in the "Schützenhaus Eller".
In addition to the two-time Austrian champions EHC Black Wings Linz, the DEG will also compete against Turun Pallosura (Turku). (xity-Piciture: H. Müller)

Draw of the Champions Hockey League preliminaries

DEG expects Black Wings Linz and Turun Palloseura

Mittwoch, 13.05.2015
Today the the preliminary rounds of this year's champions hockey league (CHL) season got drawn. The Düsseldorfer EG got drawn two very good opponents.
Meat production in the first quarter 2015 to a new high. (xity-Picture: M. Völker)

Vegetarians? No thanks!

Meat production reaches new record level

Dienstag, 12.05.2015
2.08 millions tons of meat were produced in the first quarter of 2015. That is 58,600 tons or 2.9 percent more than in the previous quarter last year.
(v.l) Dirk Kemmer, Hanno Steiger, Sara and Michael Flötmeyer Schwers. (xity-Picture: P.B)

Princess and Prince of Carnival 2015/16

Michael Laumen presented the couple

Montag, 11.05.2015
On Friday, May 8, 2015, the CC president Michael Laumen introduced the new Princess and Prince of carnival 2015/2016. Sara Flötmeyer and Hanno Steiger will lead the carnival.
58 year-old lady got robbed yesterday by a masked person. (xity-Picture: M. Völker)

Purse robbery in the "Nordpark"

58-year-old person got robbed

Freitag, 08.05.2015
Yesterday, a 58-year-old Düsseldorf got her handbag robbed in the "Nordpark". The woman did not get hurt. The masked robber managed to flee undetected.
This friday the day care centers in Germany will strike, announced Verdi. (xity-Picture: M. Völker)

Day-care center strike begins on this Friday

93 per cent of the employees are for recusal

Donnerstag, 07.05.2015
Starting this Friday, the day-care centers in Germany will be on stricke.
A diet is often needed when the needle on the scale is significantly longer than usual. Starving or an unbalanced diet are far from healthy in terms of long term lose weight and staying slim. (xity-Picture: P.I.)

Anti-Diet Day 2015

With proper nutrition to success

Mittwoch, 06.05.2015
A diet is often needed when the needle on the scale is significantly longer than usual.
The defender Kevin Akpoguma got Loaned for two years by TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. (xity-Picture: H. Müller)

Fortuna Düsseldorf obligates Kevin Akpoguma

Captain of the U-20 national team get loaned

Dienstag, 05.05.2015
Fortuna Düsseldorf signed the first new player for the upcoming season. The defender Kevin Akpoguma got Loaned for two years by TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.
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