Donnerstag, 18.12.2014
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Mayors for Peace

Initiative for the abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Since the 1st of December the state capital Düsseldorf together with the mayor Thomas Geisel are part of the initiative "Mayors for Peace".

A new golden book for the State Capital

The old one will go to the archives after 20 years

Mittwoch, 17.12.2014
The state capital´s new golden book has a 160 pages and already has its first entry. Prof. Dr. Alexander Kluge was the first of many prominent personalities who will write new entries for the coming years.

Attack on German embassy in Sudan

Protestors set fire to the building

Freitag, 14.09.2012
Thousands of protestors in Sudan´s capital attacked the German embassy and set fire to parts of the building after surrouding the German and British embassy on Friday afternoon.

Ilsö hopes for a Chance to Play coming Match

Strikers are running out

Freitag, 14.09.2012
Düsseldorf - This coming weekend Fortuna Düsseldorf has to play against VfB Stuttgart, however the problems in the attack are growing: Reisinger can´t play, Schahin ist still stricken. If Voronin goes up in front, Ken Ilsö would back him up and come into

Girl didn´t do enough to stop rape

Court ruled that saying ´´no´´ was not enough

Freitag, 14.09.2012
A German teenager claims that she was raped by a 31-year-old male, though she didn´t do ´´enough´´ to get the man convicted. The court ruled that saying ´´no´´ was not enough to stop the rape.

US consulate in Berlin evacuated

Staff thought a toxic chemical had been released

Donnerstag, 13.09.2012
The US consulate in Berlin was partially evacuated on Thursday after some staff members felt ill and thought a visitor had realeased a noxious chemical.

1000 Kilometers by foot

Extraordinary Record Attempt

Donnerstag, 13.09.2012
Marco Storsberg (21) and Dennis Bettin (24) want to start an extraordinary Record. Together the Wermelskirchener want to go from Wilhelmshaven to the Zugspitze by foot. "The chances, that we make it, is 50:50", both said. A TV team will acompany them.

iPhone 5 got presented on Wednesday

Bandwith of new Features

Donnerstag, 13.09.2012
On Wedneday 19.00h German time, Apple presented the new iPhone 5 in California. The audience could view an entirely new design and concept. It was their first iPhone after co-founder Steve Jobs passed away.

Pentagon assigns Warships to Libya

Attack on US Ambassador

Donnerstag, 13.09.2012
While the protests in the arabic world against the USA continue, resulting of a supposedly islam hostile movie, the US secret services are investigating on a directed terror attack on the US consulate in Bengasi. The US now places warships on the coast.

Jeweller shot teen in self-defence

Court ruled that she is not guilty

Donnerstag, 13.09.2012
On Wednesday a 67-year-old jeweller was spared prison after shooting a teenager who was trying to rob her shop. The court ruled that she shoot the teenager in ´self-defence´

One-Third of Pilots "have slept in cockpit"

Alarming Numbers have been Confirmed

Donnerstag, 13.09.2012
The new flight service plans are evaluated as a danger to passengers from German pilots, with most saying that they have flown over-tired and even a third publishing that they took a nap in the cockpit.

Happiest Germans are in North & South

New Studies show, happiest people live in Hamburg

Mittwoch, 12.09.2012
The happiest Germans live in the north and south of the country, according to a new survey which suggests that people who live in Hamburg are the happiest, however people in the east becoming increasingly happy.

Homosexual Bundesliga player afraid of Outing

"Scared of public reactions"

Mittwoch, 12.09.2012
Düsseldorf - A soccer player has come out as gay - fearing the public reactions and even attacks from fans, he remained anonymous.

US Ambassador gets killed in Lybia

Four more US-Diplomates die in Bengasi

Mittwoch, 12.09.2012
Düsseldorf - A US film trailer, where phrophet Mohammed got offendend, was the reason for extreme riots in Egypt and Libya. In Bengasi the demonstration ended in people storming the US consulate.
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